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About Us and Our Hunts


Waterfowl Hunts

We are located 8 miles south of Quivira National Wildlife Refuge . All of our hunts for geese are in harvested corn fields or winter wheat fields with the occasional cut Milo field thrown in for good measure. Duck hunts are, as a rule, on watersheds. In the late season we often find the ducks on the creeks and focus our efforts there. We also manage to shoot ducks in cornfields ocasionally during a goose hunt. Even with the drought last summer, our hunters still had a excellent goose hunts early last season when we got a little bad weather or even just a cloudy day. However, much of the later part of the season was sunny and warm which made for tough hunting even with the high numbers. We still had some successful late season hunts. The duck season was not as good due to all the warm weather which kept the number of ducks in the area low for the season. Most years are excellent for both ducks and geese throughout the entire season.When hunters book a hunt with us and the weather is poor for hunting or the numbers are low for any reason, Ken will allow the hunters to reschedule for a later date if the so wish. Our waterfowl guide has many years of experience before he became a guide for us. Our hunts are either guided or unguided if the hunter has his/her own decoys. ALL HUNTS ARE ON PRIVATE LAND. For guided hunts we will supply all the decoys and layout blinds needed to ensure a successful hunt. In some instances can help with any clothing you or someone in your party may need to ensure you are comfortable while in the field. Guns may also be rented for a nominal fee if needed, but we strongly recommend you bring a firearm you are comfortable shooting. We as that hunters let us know in advance if there is anything they may need or if anyone in their party has physical limitations. We want to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience while they are here with us. All necessary licenses may be purchased from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks web site with the exception of a federal duck stamp, which we would recommend you buy prior to coming. Meals and lodging are not furnished, but we can help hunters book rooms at Henderson House Bed and Breakfast or the Stafford Motel.

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Our Geese Numbers

Historically we start to see good numbers of birds arriving in late October with the peak of migration tradionally occuring between the third week of November and early December. Weather permiting we will have a million birds through December, even after the migration peaks. It is not uncommon for us to hold 300,000 plus birds for the duration of the season.Even though in recent years we may have inclement weather that pushes the birds within a few days of the weather system passing, they reappear as they have food sources in this area that rivals anywhere in the central flyway. Also we have some of the best speckled-belly hunting in the country.

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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

 We offer semi-guided 5-day Trophy Whitetail hunts in units 5 and 15 with a rifle or muzzle loader. We will take each hunter to the stand and drop them off; then the hunter is picked up and returned to his/her lodging. There is a choice of a hunt with meals and lodging provided or a lower priced hunt where the hunter provides his own meals and lodging.

Bow hunts are availible only as unguided hunts because we are harvesting corn and planting wheat. These hunts are priced acordingly, and we will show you the trails and where the sources of food and water are located.

Corn is fed for rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunts. Food plots are also planted when there are not any crops nearby. All deer hunts are on private land.

Please call or e-mail for prices and any questions you may have.

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Pheasant and Quail

Pheasant and Quail hunts are mostly in CRP fields or pastures that have not been overgrazed. This past year (2012), numbers were down due to a major drought; but we still had some good hunts. We make sure to never overhunt any of our properties. This spring we have had some rain on most of our properties and are hoping for a better hatch. We offer guided and unguided hunts if the hunters have their own dogs and prefer to do it themselves. Our guides have quality dogs and know the properties very well. We personally take hunters to the properties instead of just handing the hunter a map instead of sending them unattended.

Meals and lodging are not funished, but we can help hunters book rooms at Henderson House Bed and Breakfast, or the Stafford Motel .

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Turkey Hunts

Spring Rio turkey hunts are all on private land in units two and three. Kansas allows two turkeys per hunter. Most of our hunters are done in one or two days, but if it takes a third day to get two birds we will allow it. We take hunters to the location of the turkey hunt in the dark and then make sure the hunter makes it back to town when they are done for the day or for lunch. Meals and lodging are not funished but we will can help book rooms at the Henderson House Bed and Breakfast or the Stafford Motel.

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Combo Hunts

We can also offer a combo hunt with a morning goose hunt and a afternoon pheasant hunt. However, because this is Kansas and as we are almost as famous for our pheasants as our whitetail deer we strongly advise you to book your combo hunt well in advance. Our pheasant guides are generally very busy and in order to ensure a good spot, the more notice you can provide the better chance of having the desired time.

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We also offer a discount for hunters sixteen for all hunts, and under as well as a discount for a party of adults of three or more on waterfowl and upland game hunts. This is to encourage more hunters to join us in the field as the number of hunters are falling off around the country. We will also discount spouses and girl/boyfriends that may wish to come as well.

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